Post and ring process

A few weeks back, I faxed in a post and ring request form. I live on a block with a bike shop, a coffee shop, some other stores, and 3 post and rings. I generally have at least one side of one of these in use. It's a good spot for more post and rings.

I hadn't heard back from the city, so I Pedestrian and Cycling Infrastructure Unit at city hall a ring. The line is set up so that you can only leave a message, so I did so. I heard back from someone there within a couple of business days. He said that there is a backlog on post and ring installation because they found out how easy they are to break. He said that there had been several requests from my block, and that it was possible that they'd be installed this year.

A week later I got a letter in the mail that said about the same thing as what I was told on the phone.

The process seems to be pretty smooth, but slow.

Post and Ring image by Richard Drdul.


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