Review: Chrysler 300

On a recent trip to nova scotia, our family rented a car.

I had asked for a toyota corolla, but we were "upgraded" to the chrysler 300.

I would have rather had the corolla.

The car was a horrible gas guzzler, not especially spacious, and not particularly comfortable.



Bicycle Purchase musings

If money were no object, I'd consider purchasing the following vehicles:
  • a tandem: I sold my wedding tandem when I had no room for it, and I miss it more than any bike I've sold.
  • a high wheeler: I guess I'd like to rent one first and see how I like it, but I think high wheelers are really cool and they look like fun.
  • a touring bike: for tourin'.
  • a celeste bianchi: preferably with a campy record gruppo. It's such a classic look and something I've always appreciated, even before I was into cycling.
  • a nice titanium roadie: with ultegra or dura-ace.
  • a recumbent: maybe of the tadpole tricycle variety. Looks like fun!
  • maybe a cross bike or a mountain bike: That could be fun too.
Things I don't really want:
  • a carbon fiber frame: isn't that just more plastic that will end up in the ocean? And they don't have a long serviceable life like metal frames.
  • di2 components: this doesn't appeal to me in the slightest. 
Leave a comment or two below with your druthers!