A Better University Avenue

University Avenue has some issues. Two that I am concerned with are:
  1. There shouldn't be a two stage crossing right at the edge of Queen West. Being forced into the decision to dash across and skirt an amber light, or spend 5 minutes crossing the street is not pedestrian friendly.
  2. The linear park that runs the length of the "grand avenue" portion is relatively inaccessible, essentially being cordoned off from pedestrian access by traffic.
A solution to both of these problems would be to have half of the road turned into park. The other half of the road would be turned into a regular 4 lane arterial. The plan would create some much needed green space in one of the cities gloomier corridors.

University Avenue is closed a lot, be that for protests, construction or parades. It's been repeatedly shown that the city can exist without this gash running into its heart.

The originals of the crudely photoshopped images above are from wyliepoon, r.d.i., and The Rocketeer.


geoffrey said...

University is to Forest Hill what Jarvis is to Rosedale is what S Kingsway is to Kingsway ..
In every case the neighbourhood is jacked by self important well to dos. Others kids are fodder for the "wheels of progress" (greed).

FixedXorBroken said...

Agreed, but Avenue / Queen's Park / University serves as a backup to taking the DVP for many motorists as well.

There is no need for it to expand from 6 to 8 lanes at College though. Going down to four would squeeze traffic, but the benefits would outweigh the drawbacks.

FixedXorBroken said...

I just realized the the two doctored photos show different sides of the street. Oops.