One Lighted Crazy Man

Critical Mass always starts after dark in December. Fewer people than usual come out, as a large number of cyclists have packed it in for the cold season. Last Friday was relatively warm, and a fairly large crowd came out for the ride (I would guess approximately forty people).

On the way to the ride, I encountered last weeks Worst Car Interaction of the Week. After leaving Big Fat Burrito, I headed up Major (which is a one way street). Running into cars going the wrong way on one way streets is fairly common in the traffic mazes South of the Annex. However, most of these wayward vehicles recognize their mistake and give way to oncoming traffic.

Most certainly don't exceed the speed limit while driving with a headlamp out and not yield to oncoming traffic (on a street narrowed by snowbanks).


New Direction

I never really knew what to do with this blog, so I am thinking of taking it in a new direction.

Starting in a few weeks, I will be posting something along the lines of "Worst Car Interaction of the Week." I've decided to use the car as the object of my disapproval rather than the driver as a heavy handed way of illustrating the dehumanizing effect of automobiles.

The idea came to me a few weeks ago when I was out Christmas shopping and a police car chirped at me so that it could pass in the curb lane. Another incident with an sexagenarian VW bus which spewed bitter fumes in my face all the way down St. George and then honked at me when I passed a car parked in the bike lane cemented the idea.

There should be no shortage of material to work with, even given my short 8 km round trip commute. Hopefully writing about these interactions will make them more enjoyable in the long run.

Edit: As fun as I am sure it would be to vent about crappy drivers, I don't think I would enjoy it at all. I am not going to do this anymore.