Darcy Allen Sheppard Fundraiser

The fundraiser appears to have gone well. It was a full house, so hopefully a lot of money was raised for this worthy cause.

I won these hilarious socks as a door prize.

Interesting sights over the past few weeks

I saw this the other day on College. That's the wrong kind of seat, wheels, drivetrain, pedals and handlebars for that frame.

A ticket for bike awesomeness on Bloor.


Idea: Start a bike gang

Toronto Critical Mass 2009 by you.
note: not an actual bike gang.

Riding to work along Harbord today, I noticed that I had unwittingly rolled into a critical mass of cyclists (not pictured above).

It wasn't exactly critical mass, but more like a convoy. It got me to thinking, "it would be nice to ride like this all the time, kind of like having a roving pace line that demands respect."

We wouldn't have to be a militant bike gang like you'd see in a movie. We wouldn't go around beating on anyone who crossed us, or anything like that.

We could just provide mutual support and strength in numbers. And matching jean jackets with custom patches.

And we'd be called The Bike Gooniun...



Onstreet bike parking in Thornbury, Ontario

Onstreet bike parking in Thornbury, Ontario

It's a little thing that's cheap and easy, but it's also a really nice touch. It's surprising to see the little towns with bike lanes and infrastructure up on the southern shores of Georgian Bay. It was reminiscent of the Netherlands.

Assinine comment in The Post

If anything, licensing alone is inadequate. Cyclists should be required to wear the same forms of protective clothing motorcyclists typically use to provide some measure of safety. Cycling in main arteries should be limited to age groups mature enough to deal with the dangers and uncertainties of heavy traffic.
Thankfully the comments on the article set the author straight.



You just have to pedal fast enough