Big Blue Bin of Bicycles

In Ramsden Park (right across Yonge st. from the Rosedale TTC stop) there is a public works yard with a giant blue bin that looks to be filled with bicycles. I wonder what the city does with these? I hope they reuse them rather than sell them for scrap or otherwise recycle them.


What's in a lane?

Does anyone hate it when there is a car parked in the bike lane? Fight Back! Uploading the actions of offenders is fun and easy! Bike lanes are for bikes, not for cars.

2 Km of new bike lanes approved!

Toronto has had 2 Km of new bike lanes approved on Eastern avenue between Logan and Leslie. The plan is to make things a lot more convenient for all of the cyclists coming off the Gardiner and the DVP.

With all annoying sarcasm cast aside, I have no problem adding bike lanes anywhere, I just think they should be added in places that cyclists actually use first.