Awesome Annual Bike Awards

The bike awards are like the Christmas of the cycling community. They get the "family" together at a relatively depressing time of year. It was good fun.
  • I didn't like the opening band very much.
  • The Clay and Paper Theatre was great. I loved their song. I still have the chorus "Two wheels are better than four" turning over in my mental mp3 player.
  • The reverse strip tease was very well done. The enthusiastic performance of the man really made it. A high point of the night: I overheard someone yell "Put it on! . . . Don some wool!"
  • Watching the Goldsprints was fun. I was hoping to partake, but I didn't get on stage before I had to go home to bed.
The goldsprint image above is not from last night, it's from Vengeance is Love on Flickr.

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