Navigator Ltd. represents Adam Giambrone

A letter to Adam Giambrone:
Hello Councillor,

Your choice of hiring Navigator Ltd. is an endorsement of their actions; by paying them to look after your campaign you are implicitly saying that that their past actions were acceptable. As such, you support an attack on the little guy to protect the established interests. Bryant's actions weren't just reprehensible, but they were a perfect example of exactly what's wrong with government and politics: looking out for the cultural elites, while forcing the populace pay with their lives and health.

It was wrong for Bryant to perpetrate a smear job on his deceased victim, and it is wrong for you to support the people that he paid to do it.

A week ago I was hoping that you'd declare your intention to run for mayor. Your work with the Toronto Cycling Committee and the TTC, and your experience on council made you a much more attractive candidate than the other candidates who have declared, but I demand better from the candidate who will receive my vote.
This is, of course, about Giambrone's decision to be represented by Navigator Ltd..

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