Good Day At Pirates

The plan was to go for a ride into the east end, then head back and help out at Bike Pirates for a while. Luckily, on my way down Harbord, I saw this purple beauty in a pile marked "free stuff." You'll note that the pedals are taped on. The fenders and chain guard also rubbed, the tires were flat, and the hubs were all seized up.

I re-cajiggered the wheels, reusing the old bearings mostly, but cleaning everything out and using fresh grease. I bent the fenders and chain guard back into shape, and pumped up the tires, which thankfully seemed to be holding air. Unfortunately when I took the tiny beauty out for a ride, the brakes were shot; it will probably need a new back wheel.

It was a great day.


Chiara Kael said...

such a wonderful free find... garbage day on my street is always good..

i found a 61 superbe full crome fenders and gear in the garbage..

FixedXorBroken said...

That is very cool. Chrome fenders are beautiful. I especially like them when there are a few artful specks of rust here and there.