AGO Redone, But...

So the AGO has been renovated, but forget about that because I have much better news.

While waiting for the 6 PM free AGO admission (Wednesdays), I stopped in at Mission Burrito across the street (on McCaul). It was great. Here are the high points:
  • The sweet potato burrito costs the same as a regular bean and cheeser.
  • It tastes great.
  • It's not too expensive!
One the downside, the large burrito is about as big as a small burrito as Big Fat, and they don't toast the burritos.

Mission is now in my top 3 favourite burrito parlours in Toronto.

Here is The List of the best burrito places in Toronto:
  1. Big Fat
  2. Burrito Bros
  3. Mission
  4. The McDonald's owned place at Yonge and Dundas, Chipotle
  5. The burrito place out on the Danforth
  6. The chain that has a location at College and Grace
  7. The place across from the ROM that is close to being horrible.
Burritos happen to be excellent cycling food. The unofficial figure is 53 miles per burrito.

The AGO interior photo is by wvs.

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Chiara Kael said...

53 miles per burrito! thats almost like a toyota prius!