Human River

The Human River (2008):
  1. Hillcrest Park is nice. I'd never been there before.
  2. Some houses on Shaw are built on top of the filled in Garrison Creek (pictured). The fill that was used is still compacting, so many of these houses are askew.
  3. Kids aren't great at riding in groups. Hopefully they had an educational good time. When I was a kid, I would have hated it.
  4. In terms of cycling, St. Clair is worse than Bloor - Yorkville, both in terms of road repair and the amount of courtesy you are afforded by motorists.
  5. Listening to the LEAF person describe what it would have been like here four or five hundred years ago was cool. He obviously cared a lot about the issue and was an evocative speaker.

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Steeker said...

Dang that house is really messed up .. I would love to have a walk about inside of it. =8^)