I just bought a flatbed bike trailer at Urbane. On the ride home, a gentleman driving a pickup trucked stopped me at a light to express his interest in buying one. I gave him the appropriate details. I have several thoughts about this:
  1. Sweet damn! A motorist is interested in biking, utilitarian cycling no less.
  2. I've always thought that a perfect world would have nobody commuting in cars, but that delivery trucks and contracters would still be using trucks as they do now. After todays incident, it dawns on me that some of them could use the old bike trailer instead.
  3. I hope I don't get stopped on every ten minute bike ride to answer questions about the trailer.


vic said...

Cool. Nice little trailer. A flatbed like that can be expanded upon in many ways (e.g. add a Rubbermaid bin).

Many "contractor" type jobs that people assume require pickup trucks or at least cars can be done quite easily by bike.

We had Bruce Ward (You may know him from CM, CBN, and just about any other organization in town...heh) do a bunch of contractor / handyman type of work at our house. He brings all his tools etc. by bike. For the bigger things (e.g. new doors) we had the store deliver them, though these could be carried easily on an appropriately-sized trailer.

Never under-estimate human power!

Enjoy the trailer.


Val Dodge said...

Nice buy. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

People without trailers are really missing out on a whole world of utilitarian cycling. You never know what you can haul by bike until you try it.